Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing Challenge

Today in class we talked about our projects and such.  A lot of discussion about what our projects were and what we liked about our classmates blogs.  One thing we discussed is how hard it is to make a post everyday.  A few students have tried this, and although everyone thinks it is a good idea, it is difficult to do.  So this is my writing challenge.  I will see if I can post at least once every day!  I hope this works out...but I admit it may be a little boring for the readers.  We will see!

When I opened up my Yahoo account after school today I was pleased to find two very special e-mails.  One was from David Fernandez.  He said that today, being the second day of spring, unfortunately a little gloomy though, meant business! He said he would call me tonight about scheduling.  As it is 8:00 pm now...I have a feeling he may call tomorrow.  That is all fine with me, considering he is doing me a big favor!

I also got an e-mail from Dan Klein. I had e-mailed him earlier about where I could do my end of the year community garden.  He is the director of the Tompkins County Beautification Brigade.  He said that the Ithaca Children's Garden may have a project for me! So I e-mailed the Children's garden right away.

A few other updates...I e-mailed Tiffany Flemming, Cornell Education Outreach.  She said she will keep her eyes open for possible locations for a garden and ways to get funding for my materials.  I also e-mailed a few of the contacts that Claudia Brenner sent me... but no response from them yet. 

No compost class this week... I hope to get working on my shelves on Wednesday because that's when my mom can help me.  Also I want to get out in the spring air and see whats blooming! Happy Spring.

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