Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1

Despite the cold, the snow, and the ice, I headed out to Cayuga Landscape this afternoon.  We discussed the possibility of future spring days.

David Fernandez was in his office when I met him, speaking with another possible intern. He was a perky, happy man who radiated a sincere personality.  As we sat in his office, we discussed how I became interested in landscape design.  The conversation soon shifted to him recalling stories of the people who first inspired and worked with him as a landscaper.  Next we flipped through pictures of previous Cayuga Landscape projects.  We discussed each picture, its types of flowers, ornamental conifers and stone work.  I learned a lot about what types of plants the company uses the most, and what techniques (such as color contrasting) they use.  It was really nice talking to David Fernandez, he seemed eager to work with me even though I am such a beginner.

I met a lot of other Cayuga Landscape employees, and they all seemed really nice.  I was slightly intimidating.  Although my Timberland hiking boots matched those of the other employees, my skills seemed to be a barrier.  I couldn't just jump into a conversation about the bare bulbs in the back shed.  I didn't know half of the information that they talked about.  I really hope that I can learn more and feel more comfortable with such experienced people.  The next step I want to take before next Wednesday is learned more flower and plant names and being able to identity them.  This will really help me be able to be more involved in their work.

I'm excited to see what this internship will bring me, I have a lot of work to do to though in order to feel up to par with my fellow landscapers.
Hopefully no school tomorrow either!! :)

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