Monday, March 14, 2011


Last week was my motivational week.  It did not go as well as I imagined.  But I evaluated what I did and realized it wasn't a complete failure. 

This is what I had planned to do:
-Finish my shelves
-Do some research
-Get an internship at Cayuga Landscape
-Find two possible places for my end of the year community build

This is what I actually did:
-Research on the basics of landscaping
-Gathered materials for the shelves
-E-mail confirmed an internship at Cayuga Landscaping
-E-mailed Claudia Brenner and she suggested two places for my community garden build
-Heard about an outreach coordinator at Cornell who could help me with the garden build

This is what was not done:
-Finishing my shelves
-Determine a regular day to intern at Cayuga Landscaping

So I did accomplish a lot.  But I also got bronchitis on Thursday and that slowed me down.  I did not get to blog about my mentor meeting last week either.  I'll add that right now:

Mentor Meeting 3/9/11
Mr. Creagan and I discussed mainly my internship at Cayuga Landscape.  Luckily, Mr.C is an incredible landscaper, and has done some work with Mr.Fernandez.  Mr. C feels that if I explain the relationship that I have with him, Mr. Fernandez will be pleased with the reference.  According to Mr. C March 15th is the day when landscaping begins.  A lot of people realize that spring is right around the corner and they start planning some landscaping plans.  I hope to be able to watch and learn what the landscapers do.  Also at the meeting we talked about a landscaping project at the school.  The Green Team is planting a tree in the quad this spring.  I am the Co-President of Green Team, and Mr. C is the teacher adviser.  Therefore, during meetings we talk about Green Team matters as well.  He said that together, him and I could do some landscape work with the tree in the quad.  Lastly, I told him that I contacted Claudia Brenner and she promptly gave me some suggestions about where I could tag team with some already started community gardens.  Claudia feels that it would be best if I join up with a project that's already started because a lot of projects like this go through a long approval process.

This week:
I am home sick today, that's why I can sit here and blog away at 2:00.  In a half an hour I will go to the doctor and hopefully get some much needed antibiotics to help me breathe again.  I will have to see what we did at our weekly WISE meeting this morning. 
Unfortunately, the Gardens 4 Humanity class is full. Crap. I am super bummed about this.  So I will have to do the bulk of learning about gardening through research.  That's alright I suppose. 
I also need to keep working on the shelves.  I want to upload some pictures to show you all what it looks like. 
I titled this blog 'Remedies' a) because that's the book I have been reading all weekend while laying on the couch coughing my head off.  b) because I feel that a lot of the WISE process involved remedies.  Remedies for when life comes up, and your project gets second place.  Remedies for when the gardening class is full.  Remedies for when things just don't go your way.  And I think one of the most interesting things about WISE is coming up with creative remedies for your problems.

P.s. I think I should stop making novel length posts.  It's probably discouraging and intimidating to readers...

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