Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am an Intern

Hello Everyone,
You are now reading the blog of an intern at Cayuga Landscape!
woooohooo!! I'm so excited! David Fernandez called me today after school and I'm scheduled to start tomorrow!  I can't wait...I hope it serves to be beneficial for me.

The main concept of today's post is my WISE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT.
In class on Monday we began to read Happiness Revisited.  For homework, we need to do some responding and answer some questions.  So, here we go:

1)When do you feel most happy?
I definitely feel most happy when I am surrounded by people who care about me and who I care about in return.  These include my best friends, and my family.  In general when I think about when I am most happy, it is when I am with other people.
2)React/Respond to Article.
I found myself reading this article effortlessly and disappointed when the page ended.  Some of my favorite text from the article included: "Is this because it is the destiny of mankind to remain unfulfilled, each person always wanting more than he or she can have? Or is the pervasive malaise that often sours even our most precious moments the result of our seeking happiness in the wrong places?"  and "For each person there are thousands of opportunities, challenges to expand ourselves."  This article served to be motivating for me and inspiring.  Yes, a lot of outside factors can tamper with ones happiness. But what about the things that we can control?  In order to be happy, we must first have a control of our inside emotions.  I think this is extremely difficult to do, but definitely worth while.  And when the article mentioned that overcoming challenges is usually what brings the most happiness, inspires me to challenge myself more often.  Because it is true, after studying for four hours and getting an A on a test is quite rewarding.  And working out everyday and winning a volleyball match does give me happiness.  So what are other challenges, maybe more mental, that I could do in order to achieve happiness? Food for thought...
3) Where are you on the flow chart?
Good question.  Hard to say.  I feel that for me, I am all over the chart.  Sometimes I am in the bored out of my mind portion of the chart, and that is when I come home from school and veg out on the sofa because I can't motivate myself to do anything better.  Other times, I am on the anxiety portion of the chart.  This is when I have homework up to my neck, compost class at 6, and I am having a fight with my best friend.  Fortunately, there have been times where I have achieve flow.  Regardless of how long this flow may have lasted, I still have experienced this.  I think what would be beneficial is to record when that flow is achieved, and then proceed with life according to the results....
4)How has this changed/remained the same throughout the course of your project?
I am going to take this question a step farther (or backwards?) and start from the beginning of the year in WISE.  At the beginning of semester 1, I was in the flow.  I had ideas about my project, but there was no rush, and I had Ms.G as a teacher everyday and she was awesome.  Then I transitioned into the anxiety part of the chart, as I realized I couldn't decide on a project.  But, when I did decide on a project, I was between flow and low anxiety.  Now I am getting into the boredom part of the chart.  I am in a schedule that consists of research, e-mails and compost class.  This is getting a little boring.
5)How can you achieve flow?
I assume this is for my WISE journey..not life in general. I think to move back into the flow part of the happiness chart, I need to mix things up a bit.  As I just mentioned, my routine is getting a bit dull. Maybe my internship tomorrow will provide an opportunity for some new ways to make my project more exciting.

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