Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Computer Screen Nausea

Hey Readers-
How long have you been surfing the web, going on facebook, or blogging?  Two minutes? Half an hour? Two hours?
Well, I realized that I have been doing too much of my WISE work on the computer.  I have been making progress, no doubt, but I would like to take it in a different direction.  I'll still let you know what I have done today in front of my computer:
--My WISE homework which involved reading other student's blogs/commenting on them, doing an online survey and also doing an evaluation for our WISE teachers.
--E-MAILS!!! I have been e-mailing TONS of people to get resources for my projecs.  Today I e-mailed Betty Windstein, who is working with LACS on a community garden, Claudia Brenner who gave me some ideas of who I could tag team with on a garden, and Tiffany Flemming who works at a Cornell Outreach Program.  The bulk of my e-mails are about finding a place to do my community garden.  This is a pretty important step as I want to make it my final step in my project.

I realized my shelves are going so slowly because I don't know squat about woodworking, and rely a lot on my busy mother for help.  For the upcoming weeks I want to get outdoors and do something other than reading, blogging and e-mailing.

This is a picture of how the computer can do a really good job of showing a landscape plan.
Nevertheless, it's nice out and I need to get away from the screen.

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