Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two Tramps Practicing...

To clarify the title, it's just a mix of the titles of the two stories we had to read for homework this week.  They were Practicing, and Two Tramps in Mud Time.

First, Practicing was a clip from an Internet article of some sort explaining the importance of practicing a skill.  The article describes that hands-on experience has no substitute, and that the only way to put your knowledge to use is through practicing.  Another topic that the article covers is getting out of ones comfort zone.  A person may practice something for so long, and get very good at that thing.  But the next step is to practice other material.  Getting out of ones comfort zone with help them expand their knowledge and gain new skills.  These skills should be reinforced with practice.  I like that the article points out that sometimes practicing is not fun, rather it is necessary.  They use the example that a lot of guitarists like to stick to playing the few tines that they know best.  But simply playing the sames songs over and over only "reinforces your present ability".  And although it may not be fun to play and practice something that you bad at, it is necessary for improvement. 

Second, Two Tramps in Mud Time is a poem by Robert Frost.  I really wish I would have been in class on Monday to have Ms.G's guidance and explanation on this poem.  But I'll do my best.  The main character is outside chopping wood on one of those April days that is hinting at spring, but at the same time threatening to show signs of the wintry cold; when two strangers from the mud join him.  The strangers are lumberjacks and want to chop the wood for pay.  The main character is finding joy out of the chore, though, and refuses to give it up for the two strangers.  The last stanza gives a hint at the theme, and that is that one should find a balance between their avocation and vocation. 

So, how do these stories relate to one another?  I think that others should not influence what you want to do.  If you want to chop wood for a living because it makes you happy, than do it!  And although it feels like you are doing your hobby for a job, practicing is necessary and can help you expand your skills. 
How do these relate to my project?  My project should be administered in a way that makes sense to me, and makes me happy.  And that in order to really stretch myself, I should get out of my comfort zone. 

How will I do this?  I think this coming week I will see what landscaping around Ithaca is visible, and that I enjoy.  It will get me outside and doing something new.  Then, I will try some sketches.  This will reeeally get me out of my comfort zone.

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