Thursday, March 17, 2011


I do not have time for a long post today, so I will just give a taste of what I have been doing:

My mentor meeting today with Mr.C went well, we talked about where I could do my community garden.  I asked about doing it at the school, and there are some logistical issues...but there is a few possibilities.

Composting class was tonight! Composting is actually wonderful.  I hope everyone who reads this blog composts...and if you need help- I'll teach you!!

Anyway in class today we learned more about different types of compost bins, as well as reinforced our WONC and Lasagna layering techniques.
Every bin should have a balance of:


Sort of like in this picture:

I'll elaborate more later...


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  2. I love the titles in you blog, and the way this particular post is so full of ideas, it too is like lasagna. You really gave me a taste of your project, even though this was a fast entry. I am really excited to read your blog, and perhaps you will help me start my own compost bin (is there a kind that doesn't smell?) Please post pictures of your landscape designs when they're finished (if you can, I know it's hard!). Good luck!

    P.S. I didn't mean to remove the other post, I just messed up! Sorry!
    And by the way, this is Tara