Monday, March 28, 2011

A Child Laughs

Sorry, take a moment and bear with me.  I am facing a obstacle in my personal life, and really slowed me down.  Have you ever experienced anything quite like it?  My family assured me that everyone experiences challenges that totally set one back.  But I never imagined being so bogged down and so undetermined and motivated like I usually am.  For my mental well being, my homework for this week is not to focus solely on WISE and other school work, its to focus on making myself lighter again. 

A Child Laughs by Mark L. Stinson
Sometime, somewhere,
A young child is playing in a field.
His friends - the golden leaves and the waving grass.
Dancing, singing, calling aloud to the wind -
Laughter is his one rule and concern.
When the darkness comes to devour him
he giggles at it and makes a joke...
The darkness is burst. The child laughs.
This simple dream -
a vision of innocence and beauty,
is the light that casts my shadows -
The splendor that makes our darkness
ever more deep.
I wish I could laugh and play
like the child on that bright day.

It will take time, but I am already on my path to a better state of mind! Sorry if this is a tad over-emotion for all of you.  Not to worry...just thought I would share.

Anyways, I have a lot to talk about what I did last week.  I think I will blog about that tomorrow.  Today in class we started off by taking a lap around K building, which was very fun and refreshing.  We also did a show and tell! Which I didn't get to do, but will do next week. 
Happy Monday!

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