Monday, March 7, 2011

Revamp Week

After doing this weeks homework, which was to read over the journal of a graduated WISE student, I realized that I really need to get the ball rolling.  I am taking classes at the Cornell Co-op, but I need to be constantly aware that time is ticking.  I read the journal of another student, and she really regretted not doing more work and being punctual.  So that's what I plan to do.

I think it would be beneficial if I make weekly goals.  For example, this week my goals are to get an internship at Cayuga Landscape, Build my shelves for woodworking experience, do some research about my subject, and find some possible spaces for a community garden. 

So far, today, I have called Cayuga Landscaping and talked with David Fernandez.  He seemed to think that there would be no issue with getting me an internship at Cayuga Landscape.  He gave me his e-mail and told me that we could set things up that way.  So I immediately e-mailed him.  I also e-mailed Claudia Brenner who has an architecture business in town.  I got her name from the journal I reviewed for homework.  I hope she will be able to give me an idea of where I could do a community garden.  Lastly, I created a paper calender that is huge, and that I wrote down all of my commitments.  So far every Thursday is Master Composter class, Mondays starting next week are Gardening for Humanity class, Wednesdays are mentor meetings during the day, and Tuesday nights are Beautification Brigade.  This will help me stay organized.

The rest of the week I will focus on doing research, building the shelves, and continuing e-mailing with David and Claudia about interning and finding a space for the garden.

I want to upload a few pictures...does anyone know how I can add a picture to my blog? 

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