Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Barnsong- Class Notes 3/1

         The Barnsong is a documentary about a student's WISE project.  Actually, it's about two student's WISE projects.  Sky, one of the students involved in the The Barnsong, is video taping a fellow students project.  Ryan, the star of the documentary, is building a barn for his project.
         Ryan's project was the quite the undertaking.  In the documentary he mentioned that everything took longer than he expected.  He had a well laid out plan for the project, but the timing he predicted for each step was largely underestimated.
        Sky's project was basically at the mercy of Ryan's.  I would assume a lot of coordinating had to take place between the two boys.  Whenever Ryan worked, Sky had to be there to film it.

Watching this documentary in class gave us a glimpse into the process of another students WISE journey.  A lot of work went into each project, and it seemed like combining a project may even be a little harder.  The two boy's projects not only gave them experience on their respective subjects, but taught them how to collaborate.
Also today in WISE we got a 2010 student's portfolio to read and reflect on.  Our first homework assignment for the second semester is to review the portfolio, and learn a bit more about what we will need to do by the end of our process.

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