Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Positive Reinforcement

I met with Mr. Creagan today, and he gave me a lot of postive feedback!  I mentioned how my project has been morphing a lot over the past few weeks.  I signed up and got into the Master Composter Class at Cornell...which is turning out to be a project all in and of itself! I have class every Thursday night for two hours, and get this- 60 hours of compost related community service.  So yeah, it is a lot of work and I could basically just be a Master Composter for my WISE project.  But I really don't want to neglect my gardening and designing plans.  Fortunately Mr. Creagan told me that the composting class was naturally a suitable topic for my project, because it's important to have compost in the garden.  So that is all well and good.

Next, for homework in WISE right now, we have a student's portfolio/journal from the previous year.  We are suppose to read it and learn from it, and some what critique it.  I am actually having a lot of fun with this assignment.  The student's project is about Arquitectual Design, which is similar to my project in a way.  I even got a contact from her journal. There is a women named Claudia Brenner and she works at a company in Ithaca which designs playgrounds, museums, and community gardens.  At least thats what Sarath says! Maybe I can contact Claudia about a community garden project.  I can relate to her journal, because she expresses concernt that some aspects of her project are slipping through the cracks. I feel the same way about some parts of my project. Sarath tends to put off contacting a lot of people that she wants to, and then regrets in later on.  I could learn a lesson from this and apply it to my own project.  Contact people ASAP! What I really like about Sarath's (the WISE student) plan to fix her conern was that she created a 'Redemption Week'.  During this week she focused hard on what she felt was lacking in her project.  Maybe I should do that?  I really want to stay on top of everything thats going on in my project, and not look back and regret not doing something.

So the week of the 7th will be my Revamp Week.  Goals:
-DO SOME RESEARCH! I will look at my anotated bibliography and do some research, take some notes! I am still in a class anyway...
-GET AN INTERNSHIP AT CAYUGA LANDSCAPING. I think I just need to go there in person.

Hopefully if I get this done, I will get the ball rolling!

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