Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I have done...

This week has been pretty successful following my plan!

I emailed David is a little piece of what he said:
"I'll have to give this some thought but what comes to mind for making into
an instrument would be some of the Bamboos for a flute. Some names could be Virginia Blue BELLS, Canterberry Bells, Carpathian Hairbells, Trumpet Vine (
a woody plant though), Bugleweed (Bronze Beauty) and Viola. If you look
through any books on perennials I'm sure there are more names you will see.
Just stop by Lowes or Home Depot and page through some of their books."

I also e-mail Leigh from the Children's Garden, and still waiting for a response back from her.

I took some picture and measurments of the Music Garden as it is now...I will post them shortly.

I also have brainstormed info for my research commentary and narrative.

Lastly I have done a sort of rough draft of my plan for the garden.  I did a rough draft of parts that I want to include in the garden, just not a full garden rough draft.  I have to put the pieces together.  I will posts those shortly too!

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