Monday, May 9, 2011

Class Day 5/9 and Mentor Meeting

Ok after a week of slacking off for WISE, I'm ready to get back into the grove of things!

First matter of business:  WISE class today.
We discussed scheduling presentation dates.  Then we signed up for presentation dates.  Surprisingly, this took all period.  And as of right now my presentation date will be.....drum roll........JUNE 15TH @ 1:30!!!

Can I finish everything by then? Well, that's the plan!

Today in class Ms.Gergely also gave me my blog evaluation.  There was a lot of positive input on the evaluation, which was really encouraging! The one suggestion that was listed was to separate my business posts from my other blog posts.  A business post, according to the evaluator, is not as interesting to read and includes lists, class overviews, and general reporting out on what I have done.  This is an interesting suggestion, and maybe I will try it.  I will also make sure to label all posts with specific titles so that reader knows whats coming.  This may require several blog posts per day (or in one sitting), due to the fact that I will need to separate my posts. 

Mentor Meeting:
I haven't been reflecting on my mentor meetings in my blog very I hope that isn't a strict requirement.  But I have indeed been having mentor meetings.  Mr.Creagan and I usually have shorter meetings, but we cover a lot.  This week we talked about the Garden.  We tried to brainstorm some ideas of flowers to include, but ultimately decided that Mr.Fernandez would be the best resource to ask.  Also we looked at the calender, and roughly made a week by week plan.  By next meeting (Monday, a week from today).  I should have my design plan done for the Garden.  Then, that same week if possible, I should present my plan to the committee at the Ithaca Children's Garden.  The following two weeks will consist of asking for donations and finalizing information.  Then hopefully the garden build day can happen June 11th (a Saturday) just in time for me to be able to present about it on the 15th.  I really hope everything goes according to the plan, because if so I think things will be a success.  Time is ticking, and this is a crucial push in my WISE project. 

Mrs.Gergely once talked to us in class about how she enjoyed the intensity of finals week.  It gave her the chance to really push herself and see what she could do in a given amount of time.  Well Mrs.Gergely, its that time for me right now- lets see what I can do.

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