Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sample Presentation

Carrie Hasse bravely volunteered to due her presentation early, in order to show her fellow WISE students what a presentation should look like.  Overall, she did an excellent job.

Carrie's presentation was unique in the fact that it used very little visuals.  She had no power point, or posters, or anything.  She did show us the book that she writes her poetry in.  But other than that, she only spoke to the crowd.  This is a very risky move because it is more likely that she would lose the attention of the audience.  But Carrie's tone, movement, eye contact, and other tactics really enabled her presentation to be stimulating without any visuals. 

Carrie also did an excellent job of referring to research, and personal experiences all in her one presentation.  Carrie really set the bar high for the level of presentations.  I learned a lot about how the evaluating and presenting process is set up.  I am eager to get started on mine.

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