Monday, May 16, 2011

Four Week Plan

There is still time to get everything done that I want to with WISE.  Four weeks left until the end of school.  Let's see what I can do.

Week 1 (May 16-22)
-Pick 1 or 2 research sources from my bibliography and do some research.  My research portion is lacking in areas other than community contacts.
-Design a rough draft of the Music Garden and present it to Mr.F on Wednesday at my internship.  Hopefully he will have some feedback
-Compile a list of info that I would like to put into my narrative/bibliography/research commentary.  Basically just some brainstorming for the written assignment
-E-mail David Mastrobertti about ideas for plants in the Music Garden
-If Leigh doesn't get back to me by Thursday, send her another e-mail

Week 2 (May 23-29)
-Pick 1 or 2 research source from my bibliography and do some more research!
-E-mail/call nurseries in Ithaca to get donations for my garden
-Finalize garden plan
-Write a rough draft of my narrative
-Attend WISE sample presentation at 6 on Thursday

Week 3 (May 31- June 5)
-Start planting in the Music Garden
-Write my bibliography and research commentary
-Begin ideas for how to do my presentation
-Finished copy of narrative, have Mr.C review it

Week 4 (June 6-12)
-Finalize presentation plans
-Continue gardening in the Music Garden
-Review Materials for peer evaluations

I think that if I follow this plan perfectly, adding things as I go along, I can finish everything that I want to do.  If you see my slacking- CALL ME OUT!

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