Sunday, May 22, 2011

Music Garden Now

Here are some picture of the Music Garden in its current state...

When standing looking at the garden, this is the area to the right.  In the background in a fence, with the treble and bass clefs made out of vine.  The large hump is covered in weeds, and underneath it is a plastic tube made into a tunnel. From the fence to the edge of the garden (so in this picture- from the fence to us) is 27 ft.  From the hump to the edge is 14 ft.
This is the tunnel under the hump.  I'm not sure how this tied into the musical garden theme before...I think I should ask Leigh that. But anyway, the tunnel is 2 ft in diameter.  It is about 6 feet long (including the weeds on either side).
This is a close up of the fence with the treble and bass clef.  It is 4 ft high. and about 11 ft long.
This is the best shot I got of the whole garden.  There is a big U around the garden of wood chips.  There are a few tiny trees scattered around, I will have to ask Leigh how big they will get.  On the outer sides of the U are a few extras (on the right side of the U is the tunnel hump and the fence with the clefs).  The width of the wood chip U is roughly 13 ft. all around. Based on my definition of the garden boundaries, altogether it is 75-100 feet in length (from end to end longways).
This painted drum is in the center of the U wood chips.  It has a handle tied to it, and obviously makes a noise when hit.  From the edge of the garden to the drum is about 10ft.  And from the drum to the far end of the garden is about 10ft. From the drum to the sides of the garden is about 7ft.  And when I say the side edge of the garden, I mean to the where the grass ends and the wood chips begin.
Here is a close up of the painted drum!
This is the back end of the garden.  There is a rectangular frame at the very end.  It is 6 ft in height.  At the bottom of each side there is a plastic tube.  This tube is filled with stones and can be turned upside down to make a rain noise.  Past this frame is just a swampy area with grasses, that serves as sort of a barrier before the road.  You can't tell by the picture, but this part of the garden is downward sloping.
This area of the garden is on the left of the U shape.  It needs some definite work.  I will have to ask Leigh what it was originally... Right now it is a bunch of weeds, some long pieces of wood and some scrolls of violins.  In the right hand upper corner of the picture you can see a fence.  This is another fence with a treble clef.
This is a better picture of the left side of the U shape.  A few trees and another 4 ft fence with a treble clef on it.
This picture should be flipped, I'm sorry that I couldn't figure out how to make it right side up.  Anyway, it is 6 ft in height.  It is located on top of the wood chips, on the right side.  Hanging from the top are strings of wooden beads.  When you move these strings, they are suppose to make noise. But it barely does.

This garden needs a lot of work.  Here are some before pictures before I do my transformation!

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