Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plant Sale- 5/14

Yesterday was the plant sale, sponsored by the Cornell cooperative extension. 
I went with my mom, and we browsed the selection.  There were a lot of great plants!  But I kept my eyes open for only plants with musical names.  Looking back, I wish I would have taken a close look at all of the other plants! Anyways... here is what I found:
The Magic Garden had a few plants with musical names that included the angel/devil trumpet, coral bells, and million bells.  Also, a lot of the nursery's had viola, (commonly known as violets or pansies). 
So now I know that there are some flowers out there that can be used.  But there still are some issues....

I saw Leigh from the Children's Garden there.  I reminded her about the e-mail I sent talking about dates and when I could get my design approved by the committee.  I also asked about a budget in the meeting.  Right now, there is no money for the Music Garden.  Crap... This means that I will see if there is another round of WISE grants, and if not I will have to ask for donations or raise my own money.  I will have to figure it out!  Leigh also said that this has been a busy week for the Children's Garden, so it is taking a while for her to get responses.  I am a little concerned right now.  I wanted things to be moving a bit faster than they are. 
I was doing some thinking, though, and WISE is a process.  I feel confident that I have done a lot in my process so far.  Of course I have high hopes for where I want to be by June 15th....but I have come to terms with the fact that if I do not accomplish this, I have done a lot to be proud of so far.  I want to keep going! (I still hope the Children's Garden will get in a higher gear with me! We will see)

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