Monday, May 23, 2011

Class Day 5/23

Today in class we did a 10-15 minute write about what we know now that we didn't know in September.  After that we talked about upcoming events.  Our last class is next Tuesday! yikes. Sitting there in class, I realized how important it was to me to attend as many WISE students presentations as possible.  I want to be able to see what my fellow students are doing.  Because soon I will be off to college, and I won't be able to see these kids everyday!

So anyway...Mrs.G wanted us to blog our What I know now that I didn't know in September.  So here it is!

I know now that there are so many community classes to get involved in, garden related classes.  I'm not sure if this abundance of classes is only available in my topic, or if other topics such as pottery and photo also have classes in great numbers.  I now know the importance of focusing on one task rather than trying to handle many.  If I could put all of my energy and effort into one project- it would be amazing.  I have found during my WISE project that I have so many great ideas, but my other focuses such as school and clubs keep me from totally excelling in one area.  I also know now a lot of WISE projects depend on other people and sources, in order to be finished.  For example, right now the way my project is going is being dictated by the Ithaca Children's Garden.  I know how to compost!!! I know that my project could have very easily been to become a master composter.  I know the importance of community contacts.  These people can be great resources.  I know now that every single person has their own ideas and motives and goals that they want to achieve.  And to make your ideas and motives and goals crystal clear to others is a very difficult task that demands the use of many different forms of communication.  Pictures, speech, body language, examples, metaphors, eye contact; and sometimes even then your ideas are still vague to others.  Maybe as vague as my last few sentences...

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  1. Jackie,

    I love that you are excited to attend as many presentations as possible. I hope you enjoy them as much as I will!