Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mr. Jones

I forgot to mention a crucial item in my last blog post about what I did over break.

I have seen Mr. Jones a few times over the past month at the school, and we have talked a lot about my WISE project.  Mr. Jones is not only an avid reader of my blog ( :) !!!), but he is also a landscaper!!

Thursday of last week, right before my composting class I met up with Mr. Jones.  He is doing a landscaping project for one of the residents in Fall Creek.  She has a small area of land right in front of her home that has a few existing plants, but needs a new design.  And thats where Mr. Jones comes in!

He talked to me about his plan for the space, but he also gave me a few general landscaping tips. First, the LMNOT of gardening...
These are some important factors to keep in mind before doing a landscaping project.

Another really cool thing that Mr.Jones taught me was the vantage points of a space.  Most people when landscaping, garden right up against their house.  This is a great way for people walking by to see the landscape.  But what about the residents? They are not able to enjoy what they have created! So Mr. Jones says that before he does a project, he looks at the space from many different vantage points and designs accordingly.  I love this idea! I have never thought about it like this before.  It is something that I would like to do when designing the Music Garden.

Lastly, Mr.Jones sent me a link to Michigan State University's 4-H Children's Garden. They have a music garden too, and I could get some ideas from it!

So finally I would like to say- THANK YOU MR.JONES!!! I have learned a lot from you and I plan to keep tagging along to learn more! Its also cool to know that someone is regularly reading my blog! You rock! 

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