Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm no pansy

But this flower sure is! This is a picture of a pansy.  The pansy is a hybrid flower derived from the Viola species.  Pansies come in a variety of colors.  The great thing about pansies is that they can survive the cold weather! Their life span is usually about two years.  
Speaking of pansies, tomorrow if you go to the commons at five (and if it isn't raining) you will see me and the Beautification Brigade planting pansies!! Tomorrow is the first day of Beautification planting, and it will start on the commons! 
More updates: The Ithaca Children's Garden e-mailed me back.  I hope to meet with Leigh on Thursday to discuss some more plans.  This could be my final gardening project!  Chesna's mom from LACS e-mailed me too! She told me they are planning to plant a garden at their school and I am welcome to come in to one of their meetings any time.  Lastly, I e-mailed Susan from Tetra Tech and asked to shadow a landscape architect for a day.  I hope it works!

WISE class today...we did more show and tell.  I showed the garden planner design that I made.  As the weather gets nicer, it makes me want to go outside and plant! That's what I will do tomorrow! Wednesday is Cayuga internship, like usual.  Thursday is Children's Garden meeting.  Busy WISE week. 

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