Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flower overload?

So, I think it's really good that I am posting everyday.  It keeps me in tune with my project and my work requirements.  But I feel like all that I'm really doing is posting pictures of flowers!! Maybe what I can do is each week make a post with a few different types of flowers and plants...and identify them?  I'm still weighing my options, but I don't want everyone out there to get sick of my flowery posts! Today I will do a shrub...

 A conifer is a plant which bears its seeds in cones. Some examples would be the pines, spruces and hemlocks. Almost all of the conifers have needles which they keep for at least one year.  This picture is a good example of some dwarf conifers.  Now, I haven't confirmed this with research, but Mr.Fernandez says that these dwarf shrubs are just genetic 'accidents'.  A tree will develop this genetic trait and now these shrubs are very common landscaping plants.  There are so many names for all of these shrubs.  And they are all long and complicated....yikes!

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