Saturday, April 2, 2011


 This is a Daylily. I think that these are very common because Mr. Fernandez talks about them a lot.  From what I learned online, they have a wide variety of colors and shapes.  This makes me think that they are pretty difficult to identify... Also, I learned that these flowers open at sunrise and wither at sunset, and repeat that process daily.  Lastly, they are perennials.

So, I guess I will talk a little bit more about my week rather than just blog about flowers! Mr.C and I only had a brief meeting this week.  We talked about how next week the Green Team is going to take a field trip the Cayuga Landscape's tree farm.  There we will pick a tree for the quad!!! We are leaning towards a honey locust, for its high branching and sweet smelling blossom.  But we will also do some looking around once we get there.
Thursday night was composting class, and I had to give a presentation! I talked to the class about stealth composting.  This is a topic that I only recently heard about.  Its a simple indoor composting system that only requires two bins, wood chips and saw dust!
The wood chips go in the bottom of the larger container to absorb any liquid.  The inside bin has holes in it for aeration (lots of oxygen encourages aerobic decomposition, which doesn't have a smell).  Then you layer the bottom of the smaller bin with a few wood chips and some saw dust.  Each time you add food scraps to the inner bin, you must cover it with sawdust to help control smell.  A lid must have holes or be ajar in order for air flow.  Once the bin is filled, it can be set outside, open to the elements, and it should sit to cure for about 2-3 months.  Then you should have compost!

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