Thursday, April 7, 2011

The future of our quad...

At 5:45 I woke up today.  I woke up before the sun did.  Leaving at 6:45, I drove for an hour picking up Green Team members and driving out on 79 to get to the tree farm.  We found our tree almost instantly, it was so beautiful.  When we looked at the tag, we saw that it was a Autumn Blaze Maple tree:
The qualities mixed by the autumn blaze maple tree are brilliant orange-red color in the fall, dense and healthy branching, and enhanced growth that protects from insects and disease. They are known for their excelled speed of growth. The autumn blaze maple tree can also live in a variety of climates, ranging from the frigid cold of zone three, to the humid south of zone eight.  It will grow to fifty or sixty feet, and it had the ability to grow in a variety of soils.  This maple is recently the most requested tree in the United States.

Soon everyone will be able to see this tree in the quad, we plan to plant over spring break!

Tonight is composting class. Leigh from the Ithaca Children's Garden is having some child problems.  I'm just being silly, but she did have to cancel our meeting tonight because her son is sick.  Next Thursday we will meet.  I also got an e-mail back from Tetra Tech.  I need to give them my available hours and then one day I can do shadow one of their landscape architects! YES!

Lastly, yesterday I had my internship at Cayuga Landscaping.  David and I talked a bunch about which trees to look for to put in the quad.  But then I joined Melissa at the garden center and we potted perennials! Busy work, but still enjoyable.

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