Monday, April 11, 2011

One way out of the rut

In class today we read our class mates journals and responded to them.  I found this helpful, because I could see what others are doing.  I realized that I have A LOT of community outreach, and that needs to be balanced with other things.  My project has consisted of interning at Cayuga Landscaping, going to Composting class, and touring and e-mailing other community contacts about my project.  But I want something more.  I want to do something different and refreshing.  I will have to brainstorm...
Today we received a handout titled "Out of the Rut" Journal Activity.  It lists some prompts that can be helpful when wondering what to journal about.  Once you pick between planning, recording, and reflecting, you take five minutes to make a list! I decided to do the list about Planning:

-7 things I want to accomplish in the next week: Set up an interview with Tetra Tech landscape architect, confirm a meeting with the Ithaca Childrens garden director, plant some flowers with the beautification brigade, brainstorm what I could do instead of e-mailing and community contacting so much, meet with Ms.Gergely about what I could do differently to refresh my project, make a sketch of a landscape layout for the quad at the high school, learn a new plant name at Cayuga Landscaping on Wednesday.
-5 people I should talk to about my project: Ms. Gergely, Mr.Creagan, Leigh from the Children's Garden, Susan from Tetra Tech, David Fernandez from Cayuga Landscaping
-Supplies I need to get: hmmmm not sure if I need any supplies.  Maybe I could talk to David about what I could use to sketch a layout for the quad?
-3 things I should talk to my mentor about: What I could do differently with my routine, how I could sketch a layout for the quad, my progress so far/what he has noticed in my progress
-7 things I want or need to know more about: do you know if you have a good soil? Fertilizers...what exactly are they used for and do you actually need them?  What materials do I need to sketch a layout design?  Other than the Beautification Brigade...where can I volunteer to just plant things?  What kind of landscapes are most prevalent in the Ithaca community?  When is Pat going to get back to me about Master there going to be a program this year? What kind of project is the Children's Garden going to provide me with/what will I need to learn before then?

 Rhododendrons are woody plants with showy flowers.  There are about 1000 species and they can be either evergreen or deciduous.  Mr.Creagan mentioned this flower today, so I wanted to see what it looked like!

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