Sunday, April 3, 2011


Daffodils are spring blooming flowers, they usually reappear every spring without re-planting. 
That is my flower of the day :)

So, I tried using Sketchup today and I found it pretty difficult.  I went on Gardener Planner Online instead and made a design plan.  The design I made is for no particular space, it was just a trail run to see all of the features and figure out how to work the program.  It took me a good couple of hours just to do one trial run. phew! Here is the layout:
It's a little blurry... but here it is! The bigger bush-like looking things in the top left corner are trees.  There is a half circle patio with sofas on it.  The square in the right hand corner is a gazebo.  The rectangles on the right are raised flower beds.  There is a pond and some stepping stones as well.  Nothing special, just playing around with the features!

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