Sunday, February 6, 2011

Operation 2 Week

So, what's my two week plan?
*First on the list: Get exited from WISE!! This means to get dismissed from class, therefore I will have first period free to sleep in! I on my project. :-)  Hopefully this will happen by Monday the 7th or Tuesday the 8th.
* My next plan is to sign up for the master composting class at the Cornell Cooperative Extension.  I also want to pick up an application for the master gardener class.  This will be done on Wednesday 9th or Thursday 10th.
* By Friday the 11th I plan to either have gone to Cayuga Landscaping, or called to speak with David Fernandez.  He is the owner and manager of Cayuga Landscaping, and I hope to get an internship there in order to help out and learn the ropes.
*Other research resources that I will look to the week of the 14th are Dan Klein and the "Simple Handmade Garden Furniture" book.  I worked with Dan Klein with the Beautification Brigade, and hope to get some extra info on where to intern from him.  The week of the 14th I also plan to pick out one project from the garden furniture book and see where I get with it in one week.  I am most excited to do some hands on work, so why not just see the level I am at right now with my wood working?
Looking Ahead:
*The 19th and 20th of February I am taking a visit to my home town in Pennsylvania and staying with some family friends.  One of them happens to be a carpenter.  I hope to ask him a few questions, and maybe get a some experience helping him over that weekend. 
*Thursday evenings starting the 17th is the master composting class!

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