Thursday, February 10, 2011

60 Hours

So, great news and not so great news.

I had my interview last night for the Master Composter Class.  I knew the director already, so that made the interview a little less intimidating.  Besides that, I felt the interview went really really well! I will hear back on Monday if I got in or not.

Not so great news? 60 hours of volunteer service are required in order to get my master composter certificate.  Yes, that's right. 60 hours of service.  That's so much! I have until december to complete them though, which makes it a little easier- but there are two problems with that deadline.  One: I will not have my certificate by the end of my wise project.  Which is fine, but it would be super cool if I was able to finish my hours and get the certificate by June! Two: If I go to college anywhere other than Cornell or IC I won't be able to continue my volunteer hours at my new location. The service hours are only counted if done in Tompkins County.  I really want to find out more info on the service though.  Does the service need to be compost related? Or can it be any kind of service?  I guess I will find out if I get in!

On a different note- tonight I will be making a very important phone call.  Tonight is the night I call David Fernandez to see if I will be able to get an internship at Cayuga Landscaping.  I'm really focusing a lot of my project on this if it doesn't's back to planning.  I hope to gain a lot of insight, knowledge and experience through this internship.  I'll make the call tonight.

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