Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mentor Notes

After rescheduling a few times and tyring to sync our busy schedules, Mr.Creagan and I finally had our first mentor meeting! I'm not exactly sure whether to record my meeting notes in a seperate journal, or to blog about them.  So for now, I will blog away!

Today we talked about what I have done so far- which is got into the Master Composter class at cornell and made plans for an internship with David Fernandez and a final landscaping project.  Mr.Creagan, if you don't know, is VERY experience with landscape design, and has done a lot of work in that area.  He suggested that we could work together on the details of planting a new tree in the quad.  He also gave me a helpful source- that lets me do professional like sketches online. 

Mr.Creagan will be a great source for keeping me on track, inspiring me with new ideas and helping me out with projects in the field.

Tomorrow is my first Master Composter class!

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