Monday, June 13, 2011


Today Jenny Lee did her WISE presentation and I was the student evaluator, along with Erin Hoover.  I just wanted to make a blog post to shout out to Jenny- GREAT JOB!!!

I also wanted to reflect on the experience.  It was such an incredible help to watch Jenny do her presentation and see what comments she received about it.  I hope that this will enhance my presentation.  Here are a few things that I learned:
- What did I really learn about myself?  Add a deeper meaning, do not just skim the surface
- A lot of the process may be clear in my own head, but I must make an effort to articulate clearly to the audience what that process is
- Its fun to have the audience use their hands, or get engaged through a different variety of visuals
-Use movement and eye contact!!
- Be prepared and organized- because that really shows through in your presentation!
-Have an overview at the beginning of the slide show, to give the audience a sort of 'road map' of where I will take them during my presentation
- Good enunciation, take my time while speaking
-show your passion and confidence about your topic

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